The three best brands of Kojic Acid Soap

There are many different brands of skin lightening soaps available in the market, and it’s often difficult to know where to start. A good starting point would be to only look at Kojic Acid Soap brands as Kojic Acid Soap has fast become the most popular skin whitening agent due to its fast-acting bleaching ability and long term effectiveness. It also provides a more organic skin whitening effect to the skin in comparison to synthetic skin whiteners like hydroquinone.

Here are the 3 best brands of Kojic Acid Soap:

1. Kojie San Skin Lightening Soap

This is one of the strongest skin whitening soaps in the market, and according the majority of reviews across the web it is also one of the most popular. In addition to the main ingredient, Kojic Acid, it also contains other skin lightening ingredients such as citrus and vitamin C. It also contains some ingredients which help keep the skin soft and smooth like glycerine and coconut oil. This soap is perfect to use on your body, but because this soap is so strong we would advise refraining using it on the face, as it may cause excessive dryness on the face. This Kojie San Soap Review may also help in your decision making.



2. Kojic Acid & Glutathione Dual Whitening/Bleaching Soap

The first thing to note with this soap is that the main ingredient is glutathione rather than kojic acid. Therefore, the bleaching effects on the skin are less pronounced than the Kojie San Skin Lightening soap mentioned above. The plus side of this soap is that if feels smoother on the skin both during and after use, and this is because one of its main ingredients is sodium palmitate. We recommend using this soap on the face as it is less harsh on the skin than Kojie San Skin lightening soap. This soap will leave your skin feeling the most smooth and silky of all these three soaps.



3. Marie France Professional Strength Kojic Soap

This is a very strong soap, and one should be sure to only use once per day on the body only. Nevertheless this soap is very affective and with ostensibly only five ingredients, namely, Glycerin, Pure Kojic Acid, Papain, Vitamin E, and Aloe Vera, this skin lightening does not contain any of the preservatives that other soaps may have. This soap should be used prudently due to the high concentration of both Kojic Acid and Glycerin. This Marie France Soap Review may also help in your decision making.





Please remember that Kojic Acid hinders the production of melanin. It limits the production of tyrosinase enzymes on your epidermis to gradually lighten your skin. Don’t rush it and use too much soap in a short space of time – it usually takes around 8 to 12 weeks before you see full results from any Kojic Acid Soap. Users should always be aware of the Kojic Acid side effects.

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