The 3 Best Underarm Skin Whitening Creams

Do you have dark underarms? Perhaps you’ve done a good job at keeping it as your little secret but surely you can’t keep it for long! Think of how inconvenient it would be to wear long sleeves all throughout the year.

You can’t flaunt your body in a bikini or wear that elegant strapless dress with confidence. Having dark underarms simply prevents you from enjoying life to the fullest since it makes you so utterly self-conscious.

Although Mother Nature has a lot to offer, certain methods such as rubbing lemon against your skin can be impractical and irritating. You don’t want to leave yellow stains on your clothes or smell sour every day.

Thankfully, you can now get your hands on three of the best underarm skin whitening creams: the Aichun Armpit Whitening Cream, Whitening Cream Mask by Swiss Botany, and Aimara Intimate Lightening Serum.

1.    Al’Iver Underarm Whitening Cream

Al’Iver Underarm Whitening Cream is the saving grace even for the darkest of all underarms. Don’t be quick to judge! It may look less fancy compared to popular brands, but its effectiveness is exemplary. So what makes this brand the most outstanding? For one, this cream contains not just one, two or three of nature’s ingredients, but even more. Its amazing formula includes green apple, avocado, lavender and essential oils such as olive, coconut, wheat germ, almond, lavender, and Jojoba.

Al’Iver Underarm Whitening Cream is abundant in vitamins A, C, and E that combat free-radical damage. Its wealth of skin-nourishing ingredients revitalize dull skin, increase collagen metabolism, and prevent premature skin aging.

With its excellent collection of essential oils, your skin will feel hydrated, well nourished, and smell divine! Likewise, it features anti-bacterial and anti-fungal properties thanks to its coconut content. In addition, it fades scarring caused by shaving or plucking, as well as speed up wound healing.

Al’Iver’s rich and silky texture is perfect for all skin types. Since it is made of all-natural ingredients, even those with sensitive skin can rest assured that Aichun is hypo-allergenic and produces no undesirable side effects.

Not only is this product effective in lightening your dark underarms, Al’Iver Underarm Whitening Cream’s herbal extracts also prevent ‘chicken skin’, in-grown hair, and calluses caused by frequent shaving. With continuous use, you can lighten and prevent re-darkening caused by chemicals in deodorants, too. Visible results can be seen as early as 11 days!

best underarm whitening cream

2. Whitening Cream Mask by Swiss Botany

The Whitening Cream Mask by Swiss Botany is also an excellent choice for addressing dark underarms. Its hypo-allergenic formula consists of select ingredients, especially highlighting Bentonite Kaolin. Derived from volcanic ash, Bentonite Kaolin is among the most potent healing clays.

Such organic ingredient effectively whitens heavily pigmented areas including dark elbows and knees. Likewise, it brightens dull skin caused by an accumulation of dead skin tissues and evens out skin tone to reveal a fresh, radiantly glowing skin. With continuous use, it can even fade out stubborn keloid scars so you can finally achieve flawless skin.

Moreover, Swiss Botany Whitening Cream Mask contains Jojoba, Morus Alba, and Kigelia Africana extracts, all of which enhance skin quality. Magnesium, Lactic acid, and vitamin C are also added to provide optimum skincare nourishment.

Since this product does not contain harsh bleaching agents like Hydroquinone, the Swiss Botany Whitening Cream Mask is gentle enough to be used to lighten even sensitive areas such as nipples and between the thighs. The Swiss Botany Whitening Cream is proudly made in the USA just like some other well known skin whitening creams. It is also good to know that this product is FDA approved.

3. Intimate Lightening Serum by Aimara

The Intimate Lightening Cream, which is brought to you by Aimara Natural Skincare, is also one of the most coveted products for underarm skin whitening. Aimara Intimate Lightening Serum uses Mulberry leaf extract and a mild concentration of Kojic acid, which is derived from Japanese mushrooms. This product is exceptionally effective at targeting skin imperfections and lightening heavily pigmented areas on sensitive areas.

Although the Aimara Intimate Lightening Serum is originally designed for use in private areas as its name suggests, its qualities don’t only benefit there. The Aimara Intimate Lightening Serum is just as beneficial for underarm use.

For one, its special formula prevents the development of in-grown hair caused by constant plucking or shaving. So even if you continue to shave or pluck, you are free of such problem. Likewise, its whitening prowess due to its Kojic acid content can whiten underarms with regular use. 


Having dark underarms is an embarrassing problem not only for women but also for men. Unfortunately for some, dark underarms are also accompanied with dark elbows, neck, inner thighs, and even dark private parts as well. Excessive hyper-pigmentation on such areas is brought by several factors: profuse sweating, tight clothing, deodorants, shaving, etc.

Our three recommendations for the best underarm skin whitening cream will ensure that dark underarms will become a thing of the past! But if you have more severe cases, such as Acanthosis Nigricans or Smoker’s Melanosis, it would be best to seek professional help to address the problem more accurately. Then again, a highly effective skin whitening cream at hand also augments the efficacy of the treatment and hence gives you faster noticeable results. Also be aware that any of the well known Kojic Acid Soaps, like Honeycomb Kojic Acid Soap will also serve as an effective underarm whitening agent.

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