6 ways to maintain a healthy skin

1. Exfoliation is important

Exfoliation is the process of removing the layer of dead skin cells which get deposited on the skin after regular interval of time. Doing this helps in giving way to the new skin cells which comes to the surface and make your skin glow. You should have a good scrub and exfoliate at regular intervals after washing your face. So, make it a ritual to follow to get a gorgeous skin.

maintain a healthy skin

2. Don’t let the sun rays ruin your beauty

Sun radiation can harm your skin. Leaving your skin exposed to the sun rays for even a few minutes can cause redness, sunburn, or tanning. If these causes still don’t worry you then the other major reason which you might worry about is premature ageing. Keeping your skin exposed to sun radiation can fasten the ageing process which means wrinkles and fine lines on your beautiful face. So, you better buy some good sunscreens girls to maintain a healthy skin!

3. Use face packs

Face packs are the best and effective ways to treat your skin well. You skin is always hungry for good nourishment which good face packs can fulfill. They can remove the dark spots, lighten your skin tone, hydrate your skin and improve the appearance of pores. Face packs can be used every day or twice a week.

Choose a face pack which suits your skin. There are many herbal and organic face packs available in the market for getting instant glow. If you want to remove the dead skin layer than go for face masks. The best way would be to rely on nature and head towards your kitchen to make a homemade face pack using easily available ingredients at home like honey, egg, gram flour, banana, raw milk etc.

glowing skin

4. Eating healthy

As it is said, we are what we eat, our skin will reflect how healthy our diet is. Make it a habit to refrain from processed, fried or any other sort of unhealthy food. Eating fruits and food rich in antioxidants will also help you a lot in making your skin glow and keeping it youthful.

Drinking green tea or chamomile tea is also helpful in removing toxins from your body and avoiding premature ageing. There a lot of healthy options available in food which are delicious too. However, if you are still not convinced then consider it as a necessity to be fulfilled for a clear and smooth skin.

5. Workout to make your skin glow and keep your body fit

It is no secret that workout helps to keep your body fit but do you know that working out brings glow to your skin too? Working out increases blood circulation which helps to send more oxygen to your blood cells. Working out helps to reduce stress levels which results in reducing wrinkles and premature ageing.

6. Improving your lifestyle (The basic habits do matter a lot!)

6.1 Drink plenty of water

As easy does it sounds it is as difficult to follow. With your long to do list and responsibilities you forget to take the daily requirement of water necessary for your body. Water helps to drain out the toxins and waste products from your body.

A body free from toxins and waste products will undoubtedly have the best glow. So if you care about the glow drink 6-8 glasses of water per day. (The number of glasses varies according to body weight and size.)

6.2 Wear clean clothes use clean towels

Skin problems often originate from dirt and dust. So, make sure you wear clean clothes to avoid skin problems which may also include body itching. Also, while wiping your face use clean towels otherwise you will get no benefit of cleansing your face.

6.3 Keep your bed sheet and pillow clean

We often feel lazy to change our bedsheets and pillows which can be harmful for our skin. We rest our face on our pillows for about 6-8 hours which is a long time to expose our skin to the germs and dirt present on them if they are not clean. So, clean them on regular intervals.

6.4 Beauty sleep

Yes! Beauty sleeps aren’t a myth! If you are not getting enough sleep then you will end up looking drained due to work stress. Never skip your sleep and make sure you have a fixed pattern for it.

healthy skin

6.5 Avoid drinking and smoking

Apart from major health risks of both drinking and smoking, the nicotine present in cigarettes makes your skin dry and discolored, while drinking alcohol can cause irritation, breakouts and dryness. So, skip it for a good reason.

6.6 Don’t worry be happy

Being happy is the solution to all the problems (including skin problems too!). So, don’t overthink about things which you cannot change and if you can change them then do it without worrying. Your skin will thank you for this.

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