The Best Armpit Lightening Cream

For many people dark armpits are often one of their most unattractive features. They prevent you from wearing certain tops. If you do wear a tank top there is always the hesitance to raise your arms too high in fear of showing your armpits.

Dark armpits can consequently have a massive impact on peoples lives, effecting ones self confidence which can lead to a low self esteem. There are a plethora reasons for dark armpits including, shaving, deodorants, friction, pregnancy, bacterial infections, and smokers melanosis.

We have covered these in more detail in our post on How To get Lighter Armpits. Since writing that post we have tested many skin lightening creams and skin whitening soaps and have discovered what we feel is by far the best Armpit Lightening Cream.

Al’Iver Underarm Whitening Cream

Our tester bought one tube of the Al’Iver Underarm Whitening Cream from the Sublime Skin Lab which lasted roughly one month. She started by applying the cream to her underarms once a day, seven days a week. Within 8 days she began noticing that her underarm skin was getting progressively lighter.

Our tester continued using the cream for the next 2 weeks increasing usage to two times per day. After this 2 week period her skin had become significantly lighter. Since then she has not used the product again, but said she would most certainly use the product again if her armpits got darker armpit lightening cream

How To Use Al’Iver Underarm Whitening Cream

Like all cosmetic products it’s important to start using this product in moderation. In the first week of using the cream, be sure to closely monitor the effects the cream has on your skin Once you have ascertained that your skin does not have any reactions to the product, you can then increase the frequency of use. As best practice we advise not using this cream more that 5 times a day.

best underarm whitening cream

Where To Buy Al’Iver Armpit Whitening Cream

This is a fairly new cream to hit the market and therefore there are a limited number of online retail outlets selling the cream. We are pleased to announce that our partner store, Sublime Skin Lab, is now stocking the cream. If you are looking to find out more about general skin whitening creams then you can visit our post on The 3 Best Skin Whitening Creams.

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