Kojie San Soap Review

There are several major Kojic Acid Soaps on the market. Marie France, Diana Stalder, and Kojie White. Kojie San, however, is one of the most popular Kojic Acid Soaps today. It has one of the highest reviews on Amazon, and after watching Dr Oz promote Kojic Acid Soaps for the removal of black spots, we decided to give it a try. Read our Kojie San Soap Review below.

Kojie San Soap Review

Kojie San Soap Review

First of all we can confirm that the Kojie San Soap definitely does work. However, it does take a minimum of 21 days to start seeing the skin whitening effects. Our tester began applying the soap to her elbows and knees as a safe way to test how her skin would react to the soap. Here is a before and after picture:

Kojie San Soap Review

She applied the Kojie San soap every second day over a 45 day period. On the in-between days she simply exfoliated. The color difference you see above is after 45 days. Kojie San claim it can take as little as a week for the skin whitening to take effect.

This of course depends on the tone of ones skin. The tester’s skin in this picture was relatively dark to begin with, and so it took longer than normal for her skin to become whiter. The general consensus is that Kojie San can take longer than other skin whitening soaps to show initial signs if skin lightening.

What to expect when using Kojie San Soap

Over the course of using the soap you will feel a tingling sensation due to the soap making it’s way into the pores of your skin. Kojie San say this is completely normal. In order for the soap to work properly it needs to penetrate both the epidermis and the dermis layers of your skin.

Our tester said the tingling sensation was not painful in any way, and for her it was proof that something was working within her skin. This may be because Kojie San also contains a whole host of natural vitamins in addition to Kojic Acid. Its other ingredients include vitamin A, C, E AHA, glycerine and grape seed extract.

A second tester wanted to lighten the skin on her face. She used the same methodology as our tester who used the soap on her knees and elbows – alternating between exfoliating and applying the soap. However, she extended the course of usage this time to 60 days, and used slightly smaller amounts of soap every second day.

This was done to mitigate against the risks of any potential skin irritation on her face. Throughout the two month period she never encountered any skin irritation, rashes or bumps. Similarly to when we applied the Kojie San Soap to our knees and elbows, all she felt was a tingling sensation within the dermis and on the epidermis of the skin. At the end of the two month period the skin whitening results were most certainly noticeable.

A third tester wanted to lighten some dark spots he had on his shoulders due to prolonged exposure to the sun. He used Kojie San for 4 weeks, 5 days a week, 2 times a day. Over this period he noticed the color of his dark spots had reduced dramatically and were almost blended with his natural skin tone.

How To Use Kojie San Soap

Kojic San has been clinically approved for all skin types. Remember to lather and massage the product gently to skin and use it sensibly.  It is also important to use the product at least once a day for optimum results.


  • Use it regularly in small amounts
  • Apply it gently on the skin
  • Rinse the soap off properly after use


Where to buy Kojie San

You can buy it online via a variety of ecommerce stores. The Sublime Skin Lab, our preferred partner sell it through their online store. You can buy it here.

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