Marie France Soap Review

We recently trialled the Kojie San skin whitening soap for a 45 day period, and the results were very positive. We had been hearing a lot about the Marie France soap as well, so decided it was time we gave this skin whitening soap a try as well. Below is our Marie France Soap Review.

Our tester has a light brown skin and was aiming to get her skin a few shades lighter. For this Marie France Soap Review our tester used the soap for a 45 day period, but unlike Kojie San soap, she did not need to use the Marie France soap as frequently. She used it every 3-4 days, and would apply it as a lather on her body and face before getting into the shower/bath. We advise starting off by leaving the soap on your body for less than a minute before washing it off. Do this for the first week. Then, gradually over the next few weeks increase the time that you leave the soap on your body. By the final week (5-7 weeks), you should not be leaving the soap on your skin for more than 4-5 minutes. In the first few weeks make sure to constantly monitor your skin for any major changes to its appearance as Marie France does not suit sensitive skin types.

The results of the Marie France soap were very impressive. Within a month our tester’s skin had lightened dramatically and in a very short space of time. Below is a before and after picture. It is however vitally important to both exfoliate and moisturise your skin when using Marie France soap. You should be exfoliating on a daily basis. You should also be using a heavy moisturizer every day as this soap has a tendency to dry out ones skin. The amazing thing is that first our tester didn’t really notice any change in her skin colour. It was only after visiting some friends who commented on her skin being lighter that she noticed. It was after meeting those friends that she decided to take the second photo of her skin a month after using the soap. The results were amazing!

Marie France Soap Review

The Marie France Soap also helped our tester eliminate several black spots on her chest and shoulders. For these dark spots she applied the soap in a more concentrated way. She also used the soap in conjunction with Nadinola cream. The dark spots slowly became lighter and lighter, and by the 6th week they were almost unnoticeable.

Marie France Soap Review: Best Practice

It is important to note the Marie France soap is a very powerful. Overusing this soap is therefore not recommended. This soap should not be used more than twice a day, and when doing so make sure to moisturize very well after use. I you do overuse this soap, you can run the risk if causing skin damage.

What to expect when using Marie France Soap

  • Your skin will feel dry
  • Your skin become red. This may be a result of leaving the soap on for too long. Try applying the soap for shorter periods of time to alleviate the redness.
  • Your skin may feel itchy and tight. Moisturizing will help alleviate this.
  • You will feel a tingling sensation. This is completely normal for the first week of use. Thereafter this tingling should dissipate over the course of use. By the 5/6th week of use it should have completely gone away. If this tingling sensation is still present at this, then it is advisable to reduce the frequency of the soap.
  • Pimple breakout. Breaking out in pimples is possible when using the Marie France soap, especially if you have blackheads, whiteheads or if you’re acne-prone. To minimize the breakout it is advisable to actively exfoliate your skin before using the soap.

 Where to buy Marie France soap

You can buy it online via a variety of e-commerce stores. Some drug stores and select supermarkets are also beginning to sell skin whitening soap such as Marie France. Amazon have a very good selection of Marie France whitening products, including their soaps, lotions and deodorants.

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