The 3 Best Brands Of Skin Whitening Serum

Skin whitening serum is starting to become a very popular skin whitening product on the market today. In many cases this is because word is spreading that certain celebrities have used skin whitening serums to brighten their skin in the past. Another reason for its popularity is its ostensible fast-acting effect. Some people have claimed that their skin became several shades lighter after just 8-14 days of use. The team here at Kojic Acid Soap can attest to these results having used a wide variety of skin whitening serums over the past few years.

What is skin whitening serum?

Skin whitening serum is a highly concentrated liquid which usually contains a plethora of different skin whitening agents. Most skin whitening serums come in bottles of one fluid ounce. This means that one only has to apply very small amounts of the serum for it to work. In addition to lightening a persons skin, skin whitening serums also serve as a great anti-aging formula by eliminating any fine lines and wrinkles.

The 3 best brands of skin whitening serum

1. L’core Paris 24k gold Vitamin C Serum

The most talked about skin whitening serum by far is L’core Paris 24k gold Vitamin C Serum. This serum actually contains 24K gold extracts! People who have used this serum claim to have brightened their skin in a matter of hours.

The other great thing about this serum is that you only have to use small amounts. Therefore one bottle will last you a long time. Using the richest of materials to create the most radiant skin, L’core Paris unlocks the power of precious gems and minerals formed deep in the core of the earth in this exclusive skin whitening serum.

If you’re looking for a high-end skin whitening serum that will whiten your skin within a short space or time, then this product is a great choice.


2. Botanic Hearth Skin Whitening Serum

Botanic Hearth Whitening Serum has been around for a long time and still to this day is one of the most popular skin whitening serums on the market.

It has a 5 star review on Amazon and it is designed to brighten the skin and also curtail any aging of the skin. It is formulated to penetrate fully into the dermal layer where minuscule scar tissue builds up and skin clarity and brightness is compromised.

It promotes elasticity in the skin thus helping to erase wrinkles. This is the most effective way to help restore damaged cells to their more youthful integrity for a younger and more toned complexion.



3. Amaira Intimate Lightening Serum

Amaira has fast developed the reputation for being all-natural skin lightening serum the market. A safe and effective solution to scarring and darker skin pigmentation, this bleach serum is proven to be one of the best lightening agents showing amazing results within 6 weeks of use for people of all races and skin types. 

Mulberry root bark and leaf extract found in the serum arethe ingredients that help lighten the skin. Orchids are also used in Amaira because they have been proven to repair and protect the skin. With rich minerals and moisturising compounds, not only do they soften skin to produce a luminescent glow, but they also fight free radicals and reduce lines in the skin as well.



As with all skin whitening products, take a prudent approach when using a product for the first time. Although skin whitening serums contain organic ingredients, there is nevertheless always a chance they may not get on with your skin. Start by using them in moderation until you have ascertained they are not causing harm to your skin. Thereafter you may increase the frequency of use. If you are looking to rather start with a skin whitening soap then visit our post on The 3 Best Brands of Kojic Acid Soap. If you are rather interested in skin whitening creams, then you can read our post on The best skin whitening creams.

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