The 3 Best Charcoal Skin Whitening Products

Charcoal is more than just the idea of summer cookouts, although it reminds you of tasty burgers and baby back ribs. In fact, charcoal provides a number of health and beauty benefits. Chemists and pharmacists have been conducting various studies regarding charcoal since the 18th century. Nowadays, cosmetic manufacturers are integrating charcoal with beauty products.

Charcoal may look black and dirty, and you may not associate it with skincare products immediately; however, charcoal has proven itself very effective in eliminating impurities from your skin. Now, more and more people are raving about it! What gives?

The following are three of the best activated charcoal products that really work wonders:

1. BIOAQUA Charcoal Whitening Soap

Each BIOAQUA Charcoal Whitening Soap is handmade to perfection. Truly natural, its formula emphasizes on organic volatile oils that are extracted in the finest extraction methods available. Needless to say, it features activated bamboo charcoal as its key ingredient.

The soap’s activated bamboo charcoal acts like a magnet: absorbing bacteria, dirt, toxins, micro-particles, and harmful chemicals from your skin. Thus, it gives you a fresher, clearer, and brighter complexion after every wash. It is crucial that you wash all the impurities away everyday; otherwise, it will settle on your skin and cause pimples and blackheads.

Moreover, regular soaps leave a greasy film on the skin, which cause decongestion that can lead to breakouts. BIOAQUA Charcoal is different. It leaves no residue, which allows pores to breathe.

BIOAQUA Charcoal provides deep cleansing and natural exfoliating effects without parching your skin. Gentle yet effective, it is suitable for all skin types. Since impurities are the leading cause of breakouts, acne-prone skin would greatly benefit from BIOAQUA Charcoal’s incredible absorption power.

This soap is very smooth on the skin, providing you a very indulgent experience and even distribution of the product. In addition, BIOAQUA Charcoal also corrects uneven skin tone and saggy skin.

2. Majestic Pure Activated Charcoal Body and Facial Scrub

Majestic Pure Activated Charcoal is an effective, natural treatment for acne. This product is also ideal for curing insect bites owing to its activated charcoal’s anti-bacterial properties.

Dirt, bacteria, excess oil, and stale sebum within pores cause pimples and blackheads in all parts of your body, particularly facial areas. Scrubbing with Majestic Pure Charcoal will remove the accumulation from your skin’s surface; thus, minimizing pores and reducing the chances of breakouts.

Its special formulation consisting in dead sea salt and activated charcoal provides thorough cleansing without dehydrating your skin. Dead sea salt contains roughly 20 minerals that contribute to the prevention of premature aging.

Moreover, Majestic Pure Activated Charcoal is a head to toe exfoliating product, which help promote a faster cell turnover to reveal a brighter and healthier complexion. The product is also suitable for all skin types.

Lastly, this product can whiten stubborn dark underarms. It exfoliates the armpit area, draws out impurities, lifts the dark dead skin cells, and even neutralizes odor.

3. Japanese Charcoal Face Whitening Soap

Regular soaps contain surfactants that help lather and cleanse. However, these surfactants may upset the pH balance of your skin and cause over drying.

Unlike conventional brands, the Japanese Charcoal Face Whitening Soap Bar has no surfactants, parabens, fragrance, and sulfates. Its unique formulation contains essential oils, Squalene, and its key ingredient Binchotan, an activated charcoal derived from the Japanese Ubame oak.

Japanese have been using Binchotan charcoal for many centuries to exfoliate and moisturize skin. Similarly, this product with its fine charcoal powder and creamy texture provides deep cleansing and skin renewal.

The activated charcoal in this soap is more absorptive compared to regular soaps. As a result, it removes all traces of impurities as well as excess oil to reveal a brighter, radiant skin. Moreover, it also makes skin feel smooth and tighter.  This product is ideal for all skin types.


Activated charcoal, also called activated carbon, is a powder derived from the common charcoal heated in a certain way that it develops small pores that can lock in harmful substances, chemicals, etc.

Charcoal may not seem a glamorous ingredient for skincare products, but it surely works. In a nutshell, all three products unclog pores, deeply cleanse, balance oily skin, soothes irritation, and feature antibacterial as well as antifungal properties.

With charcoal as the key ingredient, you can’t expect sweet fruity notes but a slightly earthy smell. All-natural soaps don’t lather because it lacks surfactants, but that is not a major concern as long as it does what does best. And that is keeping clear, fair, and fresh!

If you don’t think Charcoal is going to be the right skin whitening solution for your skin when then feel free to find out more information on other skin whiteners likes Kojic Acid Soap, Papaya Soap, and skin whitening creams.

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